About Us

Mirshahi Finance & Investments Ltd was established in 1997 as a family managed finance and investments trading company and in 2004 it registered as a limited company in England and Wales.

We engage in consumer credit loan by advancing personal and business loans to individuals backed by a guarantor. These loans are appropriate for customers that genuinely intend to improve their financial future.

Through MFI we assist all customers and offer the highest level of service irrespective of their personal situation. We believe that regardless of pass performance or background, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time in order to attain a certain degree of sustainability and opportunity to move forward in their lives.

MFI offers the opportunity to the customers who either have low credit scoring of for any justifiable reason damaged their credit history, to rebuild their credit scoring and credit worthiness to be able to get back to the main stream and find their way back to success which they deserve.

As a compassionate provider of finance, MFI considers the specific needs of its customers. This might be a simple brainstorming session in order to sort out temporary hurdles, or it might be a more in-depth assessment of how to move a person and his or her family from a marginalized state of the mainstream.

MFI addresses predominantly the needs of marginalized members of society for whom the major financial institutions do not accommodate or who have fallen victim of private moneylenders and loan sharks that charge them extortionate interest.